Hello, my name’s Eugene Rzhevskii and I’m an adult artist.
I’m glad to present my site to you.
Bet that you’ve already seen lots of sites dedicated to shemales –
so in what ways is mine different from all the others?

  I like drawn shemales myself, besides, drawing provides the artist with
much more opportunities than photo or video. I get the kicks from thinking
that a ladyboy is a lady that for some magic reason has acquired a cock. As
for me, a shemale is a beautiful girl with a helluva sex appeal – a 200%
female being who is also keen on sex, especially anal and oral. A shemale
is a real fairytale creature – the dream of any man.

  Each artist drawing on demand knows what it’s all about – maybe
sometimes you are not too eager to draw but the customer expects his pics
to be made in time. In this case the pictures just lack life – everything looks
beautiful but some feature able to arouse the surfers is absent. Due to the
fact that I am the only owner of this source, I can allow myself to draw
whenever I want to and whatever I’m interested in myself. If I don’t like
some picture, I just stuff it into the wastebasket without any remorse.

  Since this is my own site, I’m interested in getting regular subscribers and am ready to take all your requests and suggestions into consideration. Moreover, I promise to draw a separate set for each and every subscriber willing to express his or her fantasies. It takes longer to draw a set than to write a text, so your order will be accomplished within a month since you’ve placed it. You can find my e-mail inside member zone.

  Updated weekly