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3D Amanda and John! The real Amanda! Really rare pictures. What's going on this time? Together with John they go shopping. John looses his mind…He's hitting on her everywhere – in the morning in bed, then in the car, then in the fitting room. At the end they get to the place where they wanted to be. The place is called “ Shanti ”. No one is near , soft sofa , nice music . Having spent some time there they rush to the underwear place…don't miss!
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Here is a new part with our sweet Amanda. This time she is at her best friend's place. Amanda finally decided to tell somebody about John, the beginning of their story, and about the best moments…Soon Amanda begins caressing her Best Friend Chloe. Chloe loves it, because Amanda's stories excited her so bad she was smoking!
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Really wicked 3D Perverted SAGA III from Sonofka. A group of blond libertines consisting of ageing dirty-minded milf, an older dude, and a couple young, fresh and sweet boy and girl are having awfully good gang-bang time together!
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            New 3D story with Amanda in hospital . John was sick and he got in to hospital. Poor Amanda was in panic. She came over to him the very first day and quite surprisingly noticed her beloved John hitting some nurse!! TERRIBLE !! But they managed
to make it up. Not once .
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     Another one 3d story. Our innocent girl Amanda was missing John so bad that she decided to come to his office. She dressed well, but chose a short skirt. Amanda wanted to bring John a cup of coffee. When John saw her he lost his breath! And forgot about his work. And our smart perverted girl took advantage of that amazing chance!
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The hot old and young 3D cartons by RAF. All those young dirty-minded sweet bitches are literally cock-obsessed! They suck their best at huge stiff tools of mature man. Awesome view!
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 Here is another interesting 3D scenario from me. Antonio, old photographer, tired of the life and his profession was sitting in the park when he saw a very sweet student named Alice . The girl seduced the old man so fast that soon they were together in his studio making pictures. Antonio made them so well that later he used them for masturbating!
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Second part of 3-d photo-story. Antonio hadn't seen Alice for so long…He was missing her. And once, during one of those boring days when he was shooting some dumb model his beloved Alice came by! She entered the studio and saw a very enticing picture. Beautiful naked girl with white skin was posing by pink flowers. Alice decided to join and…the party was rolling!
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One of the hottest 3D comics ever! A hot bitchy milf seeing a young delivery boy falls in dirty lust. In no time they fuck their brains out first on the kitchen and then continue their fucking marathon in the bed!
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The hardest comic ever by Waldo. Everything your dirty fantasy wanted to see. sex in dungeons and desolute houses, chains and handcuffs and old black fuckers thrusting their huge cocks into tiny holes of young sweet babes.
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An older guy takes another pretty slut to his studio to produce another set of pics. He has a special costume for her – that of a super hot terrorist. The young blond bitch suddenly gets turned on and soon the session ends up in a good bang
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One of the most mystique 3D porn comics. A sexy young water demon appears from a bottle to seduce a hapless old scientist. Sweet beautiful bitch makes him give her all his stamina alongside with a nice shoot of sperm
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Awesome 3D comic where a big black fellow makes a party and one of young and sweet Asian babes drinks too much to resist a horny older dude. So he never misses the possibility of fucking her right on the coffee table tearing apart her virgin pussy
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Innocent catholic Ashley and her tricky older friend Sarah spend time after school at Sarah’s place and decide to watch some girl-on-girl porn. No doubt it is a good beginning of hot lesbian action of their own
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This lesbian 3D action with young Asian bitches is really incredible. Their black and white sexy clothes can make you a real silk-and-satin porn fetish fan. So beware watching it. It will definitely make you explode
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This 3D comic is really hot. A young miniature Asian babe who has just been showing off for the camera gets a big swollen tool of her older photographer nice and deep into her tiny pink cunt and receives white hot load into her mouth
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Believe it or not 3D porn comics can be useful. An old professor who is sure he is almost impotent can feel like a real young stallion if a young horny cock-obsessed bitch of a student comes his way. Just have a look!
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This dirty gang bang 3D is sure to make you come! A milf is watching a young couple having sex through her webcam at her working place when a young bitchy secretary comes in to join them and perform some perfect pussy licking
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The hottest 3D lesbian porn comic this season! When it is too hot outside it is high time to say goodbye to your clothes and fuck someone beside you. Two juicy milf bitches perform the horniest lesbo action ever!
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This 3D demonstrates how naughty ren are to be taught. A white milf promises her black friend to talk to her son. But old slutty bitch has very special ways of persuasion. As a result you see a prima old-and-young interracial porn!
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If you wake up 15 minutes too early the best way to spend them is to have a nice fuck. That is exactly what this older 3D porn guy does to the young and fresh Asian cunt next to him, he wakes her with his swollen tool
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One of the best 3D set, the comics I've created by myself. Poor Mexican girl Juanita decides to find a job, cause her brother is in troubles and she really needs some money for him. Juanita finds an ad “Servant wanted” and since there is no other opportunity she applied. At the interview she finds herself in the Governor's house! Good money and easy work. But stupid girl misses some contract conditions . Too bad! Juanita has to take her underwear right away, and her uniform as way too short. And when she brings coffee to her new master she starts to understand everything.
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  Another 3D chapter of incredible Juanita's stories from me! Guess who visits the Governor? General George Peterson, the man who is used to be in command. Meanwhile Juanita dreams of her beloved Governor in the bathroom, and when her hand gets lower she begins to dream more intensively!
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   Just imagine the ideal cock... Long, thick and flexible. His owner is creature which just needed sex only in his life.
He will catch and then fuckany juicy girl which he will meet on his way. And now imagine the perversions
which he can do for the sake of his surviving!