Lust, temptation and passion is the charm gets that drives Anastasia and Cherokee’s sex thirsty slaves into orgasmic frenzy. Lots of pussy toys and rubber play for all to enjoy!
The tale continues as lust and temptation reign the gets that drives the orgasmic desires of these sex thirsty slaves. Their mistress is more than happy to satisfy their hot and horny hunger. Lots of dildos, hardcore penetration and rubber play for all…
I'm Lucy and as if you hadn't already guessed, I adore latex clothing. Especially when mixed with bondage and toys. I love to be encased in layers of rubber. Cat-suits & hoods are my favourite items but I'll wear pretty much anything as long as it is tight and shiny! For that extra buzz I wear my latex under my 'everyday' clothing which gets me very wet and horny!